6 Social Media Trends for 2015 to Jump on the Band Wagon For

apps_main_article_1404112269_540x540Social media is a highly debated topic, especially when it comes to using it as a marketing platform. So how does it stack up and what are the experts saying about its value in the upcoming year? According to Paul Chaney, long time editor for Practical Ecommerce, there are 6 social media marketing trends in 2015 to look out for.

  • “Niche Social Networks Will Emerge”: Remember the oldies, but goodies Facebook and Twitter? Experts say to be on the lookout for lesser known upstarts that will be exclusively mobile, a trend expected to take off and something that should be of concern to the tried and true.
  • “Google + Will Decline”: Although it currently still has a significant number of users, Google + won’t be considered a competitor in social media marketing, therefore its number of users will more than likely decline.
  • “Social Networks Advertising Efforts Will Evolve”: These days, practically every social media network is involved in advertising, especially true for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Over the next year, they are looking to make advertising a more integral part of their social media platform.
  • “Social Commerce Experimentation Will Increase”: Recently, Twitter and Facebook have been experimenting with ways to integrate commerce into their platforms. Twitter introduced Product Cards in the summer of 2013, which are designed to showcase products through an image, description or other key details about the product. Meanwhile, both networks have tested the use of “Buy” call to action buttons, which have seemingly streamlined the purchase process for online shoppers.
  • “Use of Image Based Social Networks Will Progress”: Recently, networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine have experienced rapid growth, a trend expected to continue in 2015, with Instagram likely being considered the default visual network. Marketers who invest 40 or more hours per week in social media are looking to increase their use of the Instagram platform by as much as 49% over 2015.
  • “LinkedIn Will Dominate B2B Marketing”: LinkedIn is already at the top of the leader boards for business to business social networking, and is not expected to falter in 2015. As many as 88% of B2B marketers already use the site and the introduction of a publishing platform will set it apart from its competitors.

So there you have it…what path will your social media head down in 2015? The answer lies in your hands.


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