Are You Ready For Some Football?


Every year the Super Bowl brings people together for a night of great food, drinks, and a competitive game. This year’s game will prove to be one for the records (especially after the incident which shall not be named), but how are the ads stacking up?

It is reported that for a 30 second ad spot this year, it will cost vendors around $4.5 million dollars. This has caused many long term advertisers like General Motors and Volkswagen to pull out; however, one might question whether the expenditure is worth it and all signs point to yes. For about 50% of viewers, the ads are what they tune in for on Super Bowl Sunday, one of the most highly anticipated televised events in the U.S. In 2014, the Super Bowl broke the record for the most watched TV event with 111.5 million people tuning in (Fox News). If 50% of those are just in it for the ads, that’s 55 million people automatically talking about the ads in person, over social media and over the phone to friends; not including the media who have an extensive network to broadcast the results of the ads as well. What better way to market and show what a company is all about then to advertise in the Super Bowl. For first timers, marketing professionals say that they have a lot more gain using this form of advertising as they draw attention to their products over household names like Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch. Despite all this, marketing professionals say that the key to successful marketing is creating hype and buzz before, during and after the game to keep interest peaked and to be sure that the money being spent is money that is then well earned.

Look for familiar themes this year of fatherhood and puppies, with both Nissan and Dove pulling at the heart strings with their ads dedicated to fatherhood. Budweiser is following up last year’s “Puppy Love” ad with a sequel titled “Lost Dog” featuring the friendship of a puppy and the Clydesdale horses. Regardless of what you are tuning in for, there looks to be some tough competition on Sunday between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. May the best man win! (Though we have to admit, we’re a little biased…Go Pats!)


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