Fusion Heads to Philly

Fusion headed to Philly this weekend for the Get Your Rear In Gear 5K Race! Check out these great photos of the trip:

truck4 truck3 truck2 truck1 truck10 truck9philly truck8philly truck6 truck5  20140323_105101_resized 20140323_093204_resized 20140323_093139_resized   20140323_072451_resized_1  20140323_072424_resized 20140323_072402_resized 20140323_071703_resized 20140323_060953_LLS_resized_1  20140323_053750_resized_1  20140322_183605_LLS_resized   20140322_183242_resized 20140322_182909_resized

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