Lifestyle apparel brand poised for growth under promotional marketing company’s leadership

WILMINGTON, MA – January 22, 2015–Leading promotional marketing company Fusion announced today that it has completed the acquisition of lifestyle apparel brand the b Positive Project.

The b Positive Project was founded in Boston, MA in 2009 by CEO Stephen Martin. Once a successful real estate developer, Martin lost his career and his home in the recession. The humbling experience made him realize the one thing he could control was his attitude and perspective on life; he turned his attention from feeling sorry for himself to doing something nice for someone else – and was amazed at how the experience re-energized him.

Martin threw a ‘70s-style disco party and used the event proceeds to send sick children and their families to a Red Sox game. After the game, he was delighted by the thank you letters he received from the kids and their families. “Their gratitude was overwhelming,” he explains. “It made me realize how good it felt to help people in need, and motivated me to find a way to recreate that feeling.”

From there, the b Positive Project was born. The brand strives to create colorful, comfortable clothing that inspires people, through its captivating messages and motivational designs, to live positively and with purpose. And true to Stephen Martin’s vision, b Positive continues to support non-profit organizations and causes that work to make a positive impact.

The b Positive Project’s combination of “feel good” products and “do good” mission are what attracted Fusion President Anthony Lopardo to the brand. “Dealing with adversity and needing to find the inspiration and motivation to get moving again is something everyone can relate to,” Lopardo notes. “The b Positive Project message resonates with a vast audience, and we believe their products will, too.”

Fusion has over 20 years of marketing and branding experience. The company’s expertise ranges from graphic design and print services to direct marketing and online store management. Fusion boasts a wide range of clients, including professional sports teams, major convenience stores and national health club franchises. As Fusion’s first “owned” brand, the b Positive Project will benefit from the company’s resources, experience and network of vendors and suppliers.

The b Positive Project’s leadership structure remains intact, with CEO Stephen Martin continuing to lead the brand.

“We’re truly excited to welcome Stephen and b Positive into the Fusion family,” says Lopardo. “We believe there’s tremendous potential to grow the brand, expand the product line and increase the customer base, and we’re ready to take it on.”


About The b Positive Project

The b Positive Project is a lifestyle apparel company committed to inspiring and motivating the human spirit to be positive – in mind, body, soul and heart. The company creates products that inspire people to live positively and with purpose. Learn more at www.bpositiveproject.com

About Fusion, LLC

Fusion, LLC is a full-service promotional marketing company that builds your brand and increases its exposure. With over 20 years of marketing and branding experience, we build your brand through our network of apparel, promotional products and print services. For more information, please visit www.FusionBrandsU.com

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