Happy Shoesday: Introducing the Canoos Ladies Shoe

Wilmington, MA:

Canoos is proud to announce the first ladies golf boat shoe available today for preorder. A year in the making, Canoos merchandisers have been hard at work to construct the ultimate ladies golf shoe built on comfort, versatility, and resilience. Following up on a successful run with their men’s line and recently named some of Golf Digest’s best Golf shoes of 2016, Canoos is looking forward to continuing to produce world class golf shoes for both men and ladies.

Since the inception of the concept in 2009, founders Matt Freedman, Josh Hannum, Kyle Manchin, and Anthony Lopardo have recognized the need for a ladies’ golf shoe that would complete the outfit, while also filling the needs and demands of female golfers. Freedman describes the female golf shoe market as “dominated by loud, vibrant colors that seem to be ‘yelling’ at consumers and players alike.” When asked about what makes their golf shoes stand out amongst competitors, Freedman replied “We took the time to listen to customers and top industry merchandisers to realize that the shoe should be a beautiful complement to the outfit, like a classic piece of jewelry, rather than a focal point. We want Canoos to be the trusty, go to staple that can be paired with anything and make a woman feel as good as she looks on the golf course.”

Canoos takes pride in the lines they have created thus far and what the future has to offer including expanding both their men’s and ladies’ lines with new apparel and shoes. Moving forward, it is evident that there is no stopping this team and their creations.

Founded by accident on the course in 2012, co-founders Matt Freedman, Josh Hannum, Kyle Manchin, and Anthony Lopardo have spent the last couple of years fine-tuning every minute detail that goes into the design and creation of the ultimate golf shoe. Check out the full story at www.canoos.com .

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