How to Stand Out on the Trade Show Floor

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Are you going to the Maine HR Convention? Fusion will be exhibiting at the convention May 6th-9th. Although May 6th is a couple weeks away, preparing for a convention takes months. Here at Fusion, we always want to make sure we are giving our customers and prospects something to talk about. Whether it may be an awesome giveaway, our booth display or even just having a good conversation. Earlier this month, this great article “How to Stand Out on the Trade Show Floor” was featured in Promo Matters. At Fusion, we strive to cover all of these points. Read how these five simple trade show tasks can make all the difference at your next show!

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How to Stand Out on the Trade Show Floor

In a recent article, we talked about how to maximize your time at trade shows when you’re an attendee. Now it’s time to look at it from the other side of the aisle and cover how you can get more from your trade show investment as an exhibitor.

Start with clear objectives.

Trade shows are an excellent place to meet face-to-face with customers and prospects. But it’s important to approach shows with clear objectives to focus your efforts. Your goal may be to collect a specific number of leads, place a certain dollar amount of orders, build brand awareness, or show industry support. Whatever your objective is, it should influence all aspects of your show planning and marketing.

Select a theme.

Many exhibitors make the mistake of trying to convey too much in their trade show booth. The reality is that you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention when they’re walking by your booth. Pick one key message for your target audience, and make that the center of your theme. Remember to focus on how you can benefit the customer.

Your theme may be as simple as using your existing branding with your key message, or you may decide to create a specific theme that is reflected in your booth design, graphics, and promotional giveaways. For example, your theme could be related to the city the show is in; the time period during which your company was founded; or something your company is known for or that your products represent, such as eco-friendliness or cutting-edge technology.

Aim for uncluttered.

All graphics should be eye-catching, uncluttered, and easy to understand at a glance. And it’s important to keep an open feel in your exhibit space, too. Rather than trying to show every product, highlight your best-selling and new items. Have catalogs and product literature available for people who want to learn more about your other products. You can also show digital catalogs on tablets in your booth and distribute them on logo’d USB drives.

Pre-show promotion is crucial.

It’s important to let your customers and prospects know that you’ll be at the show, and where to find you. Just be aware that many other companies will be sending out pre-show promotions, too, so give people a truly compelling reason to visit your booth. This could be a special discount or offer, a fun contest, or a giveaway. Better yet, send people half of a promotional item “set,” with information about what they will receive when they come to the booth. For example, you could mail a cell phone gripper mat and tell people they can get a cell phone charger when they visit the booth, or mail a package of coffee and hand out nice travel mugs at the show.

Provide extra value.

Sure, you want to tell people about your latest and greatest products, but how else can you help them? Give people the information and tools they need through in-booth seminars, mini sales presentations or product demonstrations. Promote these before the show to draw people in, and place a sign in your booth telling people when the next session will be.

Exhibiting at trade shows requires some investment, but it provides tremendous opportunity to reach hundreds of existing and potential customers, all in one location. Putting thought and careful planning into your trade show marketing efforts can yield huge dividends for your business.

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