March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month!

Did you know…?

  • Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States in both men and women cnccrt_rgbombined.
  • The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2014 alone, 140,000 Americans were diagnosed and more than 50,000 people died from Colon Cancer in the United States.

So how can we help spread awareness? The answer is through recognition.

The blue star is nationally recognized as the symbol for colon cancer awareness. Unlike other awareness campaigns, colon cancer lacks general public awareness as well as limited funding for research. To help spread awareness, Fusion has created a line of Pandora charms, as well as teaming up with the Get Your Rear in Gear to help further the mission of educating the community about the importance of colon cancer screening.

Both the Pandora charms and the Get Your Rear in Gear store apparel feature the saying Ur :.” Survivors can also purchase a blue star survivor charm, as a symbol of their fight. On average, 40% of each item sold will be donated by Fusion to the Colon Cancer Coalition and Get Your Rear in Gear.

You can find our charms and more information about our fundraising at as well as at .awareness-month-logo



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