How the Messy Mike’s Brand Was Born

We are excited to have Messy Mike’s guest blogging on our blog this week about the power of branding and how Fusion helped them achieve their marketing and branding goals!messymikes

No matter where you are in the world, you are constantly surrounded by advertisements and behind each advertisement is a brand. Brands are a mix of psychology and science mashed together as a promise mark rather than a trademark conveying quality, credibility, and experience. While products may have short life cycles based on trends, brands will continue to live on. In a world abundantly filled with advertising, one thing is clear: branding has never been more valuable than it is today.

With this understanding, the staff at Messy Mike’s , meticulously sought out the professional help of Fusion Brands and our graphic designer Javier. Below, Mike from Messy Mike’s Barbecue and Catering answers important questions about what led him to working with these two great companies/people and how branding helped us get to where we are today.

Why did you choose to work with Fusion?

I chose to work with Fusion because they really seemed to “just get” our sense of style and were very easy to work with. After speaking in depth with Jon, Rob, and Mary – I knew that Fusion would be able to get the job done.

How did you choose a logo and your signature orange color?

When we started working with Javier, we had a vague sense of what we wanted out of logo. Through his creative genius, we instantly fell in love with the orange color and stamp logo. We felt that the orange perfectly matched our style and that the stamp provided some originality to our brand.

Was branded apparel always part of the branding plan?

Yes! As a catering company, we knew from the start that our brand needed to be very visible at events and parties. Having branded T-shirts, hats, etc. makes that possible. With the help of Fusion, creating branded apparel was really simple!

How has branding helped your business?

For us, solid branding has been critical to our success. Everywhere we go, people comment on how awesome it looks and how it makes them hungry just looking at it! People tend to remember us, which is always a good thing.

How have your customers responded to the brand?

Our customers have responded very positively so far! We’ve had a LOT of T-shirt, golf shirt, and hat requests over the last year. Mostly, everyone seems to love our “If it ain’t Messy, It ain’t BBQ!” catch-phrase. We feel that it conveys our style of slow smoked, freshly made BBQ.

Would you recommend fusion to others?

100% any day of the year! Their knowledgeable project managers, design team, and solid principles made the Messy Mike’s brand what it is today!

In short, branding solidifies what a customer thinks and feels about a company. It is more than a simple design – branding commands the emotions, respect, and attention that customers have towards a company. For Mike, great branding has been invaluable and will continue to represent him for many years to come.

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ronnie Ronnie Deaver is a Marketing Consultant representing Messy Mike’s Barbecue and Catering – A native Texan, he is excited to be working with a true Pit Master to help Messy Mike’s grow!

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