Tie it, Wrap it, Knot it

Tie it

Scarf season is here! If you think about it, scarves serve as one of the most functional accessories. Scarves protect us from the cold and can make any outfit look better.  Why not utilize the scarf as the perfect holiday gift, fundraising item, employee gift, company promotional product, or just a gift for yourself. You can go a full season with just one scarf, since you can wear them countless ways. So yes, this is what you’ve been waiting for-here are over 40 different ways to tie/wear a scarf.

It’s time to shop with Fusion and find your perfect scarf  for the fall and winter season. Don’t go cold, Tie it-Wrap it-Knot it!

Visit The Knot Library for step by step directions on numerous ways to tie a scarf!


How to Tie a scarf


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