To Webinar or Not to Webinar…It’s Not Even a Question!

So you are looking to grow your business and increase your lead potential, but you’re stuck in a rut, so you ask yourself what more can you do. You might have heard once or twice to personalize your business and to humanize yourself, but haven’t figured out the right way to do this while getting your message across to clients and potential leads. The key to success is to run a webinar, but results won’t appear unless you know exactly what makes a webinar successful and how to capture your audience.

The number one difference between a webinar and a “business lecture” is that a webinar is live and interactive, allowing for your audience to interact with you, your business partners, guest judges, whomever you may have as panelists on your webinar. That being said do you HAVE to have a panel on your webinar?—no, but there has to be a clincher, something that captivates your audience in a way that you haven’t been able to previously. You can tell prospects all about your product as much as you want, but nothing is more powerful and effective as demonstrating whatever it is that your clients are buying into; show, don’t tell. Allowing fans to interact with you and the product, provides a learning experience, but also helps them to gain valuable insights on their own. Clients have to believe that what you are selling is valuable, and is something that is pertinent to growing their business.

When it comes to webinar specifics, webinars can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Webinars take time, consideration, and careful planning, so make sure to cover the basics before getting started.

  • Create a Landing Page: If you want to have something tangible to look at after you’re through, make sure to create a landing page for your visitors to click on and fill out. This might simply be a place to put their contact information, or could also be a link to an infographic, video, whatever applies best to the situation. Regardless of what you choose, it has to give you and them something  to receive in return.
  • Be A Student Again: Nothing will ever be perfect, and mistakes will be made, but prep until you could do your presentation in your sleep. It will help everything go more smoothly and also show your watchers that you are prepared and serious about what you are showing them.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote: Create a buzz and a hype. Give the viewers something to be excited about by showing your excitement. They won’t believe in you or your product unless you are showing something you genuinely care about and a product that makes you excited to brag about. You’ve worked hard, so show it.
  • This Isn’t the End: After you’ve finished, leave something more for your viewers. Provide contact information for everyone who was involved, send out a recap of the webinar, ask for feedback, but whatever you choose to do, make it worthwhile for them to come back again. In order to close, you need to complete the cycle, don’t leave anything hanging and left to interpretation!

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